The Titanic Need Not have Sunk…

…and when a boat sinks, it need not stay sunk.

If humans beings were made in and for a unfallen world, then the fact that they now are born in a fallen world is a complicating factor: the human mind and psyche is not automatically able to make the right sense of the world as it is now. People who are ignorant of, or unwilling to accept that, the world was once unfallen tend to feel that the present world can be understood entirely on its own terms. Worse, many people whose education in wisdom far exceeds their intelligence tend to think of that unfallen world as having been regulated by all the normative wisdoms so necessary for a good life in the fallen one.

The ignorance/unwillingness to accept that the world was once unfallen is the essence of secularity. The ignorance/unwillingness to accept that the unfallen world is not defined as the-perfectly-abiding-of-the-wisdom-necessary-for-life-in-the fallen-world is the root of self-righteous/self-wise viperous Pharisee-ism.

The most spiritually enlightened secularists are the Buddhists. But, the Buddhist’s spiritual light is very poor in terms of its ability to preserve society. This is because society is not a function of stoicism, fatalism, passivism, or any other form of desperate toleration-ism/acceptance-ism. Society is merely the natural harmony, or complimentarity, between differentiated individuals. Civilization is another matter.

Adam and Eve were the first society. And, this is marriage as it was then: the most personal society, with the most personally meaningful range of benefits, and with the most productive potential. In short, marriage is simply this: male and female.

But, then, the world became fallen, disharmonious. The world has ever since been one of disharmony between everyone and everything. In the social realm, the disharmony is of both the rightful and wrongful kind: that between conflicting rightful needs, and between one person and other in terms of the ways they advocate for their respective conflicting needs. In short, triage, and the need of society to balance the rightful needs of all members. This balance is civilization.

So, firstly, the wider society is based on, and originates in, marriage as the core social unit. And, secondly, specifically civil society is a post hoc construct for the sake of fallen society as the equitable association of rightfully differentiated individuals. I really like the article at, which makes the point that fallen man and woman in marriage must each move toward the benefit of the other without regard for their own prior satisfaction.

There is no garden of Eden for us in this fallen world, and no endless natural complete harmony between man and woman. The complication of find themselves in a world that is at odds with their expectations/hopes is that their own most natural inclinations are to expect from the other a harmony with themselves, each selfishly personifying the other as that lost Edenic life which the other seems simply to be selfishly denying to them. So, rightful self-interest becomes a selfishness which fails to seek to understand and help their fellow drowning victim. But, this Titanic need not sink to the bottom of the ocean. And even when it does so sink, this ship can still be made to sail in glory again. Even more gloriously than it had at first.