The #1 Woman of the 21st Century…

…is Wendy Shalit.

I’ve thus far read very little of all she’s written (I’m currently reading A Return To Modesty, ©2000), but every few paragraphs I’m so delighted and awed by her words. For example, on the FAQ’s (Q&A) page of her blog, which is about her latter book, The Good Girl Revolution, she is asked What’s wrong with the exhibitionists? Don’t you think women should express their sexuality?

To which she answers:

Some of my best friends are exhibitionists, actually. This book is definitely not meant to be a personal attack on them. The problem is that if we only focus on one narrow notion of empowerment–taking your clothes off in public, being casual about sex, that sort of wildness–then girls don’t have real choices.

Can you possibly get any better than that, any more insightful? I don’t think so. Shalit’s words should be on the front cover of every major news stand publication in the ‘civilized’ world. Now that would be balanced journalism.